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Forward-thinking, creative retirement solutions. Today your employees rely on you for providing a regular paycheck. But what abour securing a worry-free financial future for themselves and thier families? Now BenefitMall can help with both. BenefitMall has partnered with a best-in-class retirement services company with thirty years of expereince in the 401(k) plan industry, to offer some of the most innovative retirement programs available in the market.

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PayFocus Pro™

Payroll can be a complicated and time consuming aspect of running a business. That is why more and more businesses are turning to BenefitMall PayFocus Pro — a cost-effective solution that ensures compliance and reduces your workload.

PayFocus Pro transforms your payroll, tax and compliance tasks into one easy, cost-effective, web-based process. And just because it’s online doesn’t mean you’re on your own. You’ll always have a Payroll Specialist to call on for support. It’s just one more reason why PayFocus Pro is an industry leader.

Streamline your payroll and HR needs with the addition of HRFocus.

Creative and Customized
401(k) Solutions.

Integrating with our PayFocus Pro™ payroll solution, HRFocus™ is an intuitive Human Resource Information System (HRIS) that makes it easy to transition our of manual, time consuming paperwork to a streamlined, cloud-based solution flexible enough to handle all different types of work scenarious employers must handle.

HRFocus is designed to significantly reduce the time you spend on basic HR tasks and report. Empower your employees to get the info they need when they need it, from their online employee portal.

Streamline and adapt to the needs of your employees and your business today. See HRFocus features below.

Creative customized 401(k) Solutions.

Discover the many benefits for your business.


Pairing your payroll with a Premiere 401(k) plan can eliminate daunting manual processing tasks.

Best-in-Class Service

BenefitMall and PAi have partnered to play a critical role in building an atmosphere that conveys Care, Know and Do, which means your needs are a priority.

Participant Advice

We proactively monitor individual accounts and can provide participant advice on how to create better retirement outcomes.

Online Statements

Online statements with customer date range functionality including personal rate of return.

Forward-thinking, creative retirement solutions are at your fingertips.

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