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By clicking the “Agree” check box acknowledgment or otherwise requesting access to, or using, the MyHRConcierge hotline (“Hotline”), you (on behalf of your organization and as an individual) acknowledge and agree that: (a) The Hotline is not provided by Centerstone Insurance and Financial Services, Inc. d/b/a BenefitMall (“BenefitMall”) but is provided by a third party provider, Blue Ox LLC d/b/a MyHRConcierge (“Blue Ox”) who provides such services to various companies; (b) The information made available or provided through the Hotline is for informational purposes only; (c) The Hotline and its representatives are not providing legal services or advice and your interaction does not create any kind of attorney-client relationship between you and Blue Ox or BenefitMall (as neither organization is an attorney or authorized to provide legal services); (d) You should engage legal representation and conduct your own research to verify any information you receive through the Hotline or regarding any particular issue or problem (e) BenefitMall and Blue Ox disclaim any and all warranties as to the availability of the Hotline or the quality, completeness, applicability, or accuracy of the information you receive through the Hotline; (f) No communication through the Hotline will be treated as confidential; (g) BenefitMall and Blue Ox disclaim any and all liability arising from or related to your decision to act or not act, wholly or partly in reliance upon the information obtained through the Hotline or as a result of your communication with the Hotline.


Why get trapped by red tape when you have unlimited access to experts on the Affordable Care Act and compliance issues? Rules, regulation, deadlines – we've got the answers.

By accepting our terms and conditions you will get access to a toll-free hotline where you can talk to an expert between the hours of 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM CT. 

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