Accountants + BenefitMall: A Solid Partnership

While many long-established accountants and CPA's consider payroll to be out of their core offering, today's top accounting professionals are making it an integral part of building their business. With BenefitMall, you have industry experts on your side and several choices of payroll and HR products to best suit your clients' needs.


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Partnership Option 1: Refer Your Clients to BenefitMall

Enjoy a new revenue stream with our referral program all while continuing to provide your clients with trusted consultative services. Don't worry about navigating the complex world of health care reform and related payroll, tax, and compliance issues. We'll take care of their benefits, payroll, and compliance. 

Partnership Option 2: Use BenefitMall as Your Back-Office Solution

As a trusted advisor to your clients, you're in a unique position to help grow and contribute to the success of their business. When you use our software to process payroll for your clients, your mind will be at ease. We take complete responsibility for the timeliness and accuracy of all tax deposits — and will handle the filings for local, state, and federal agencies, all while ensuring compliance. 

When you partner with BenefitMall, you'll receive the following advantages:

Revenue Share Program

Enjoy a new revenue stream with our referral program. You'll receive a percentage for every client you refer, there's no cap on the amount of revenue you can receive!

Advanced Features

Your clients will benefit from services that they may not be receiving today including employee self-service functionality, direct deposit pay to employees, PPACA compliance, employee benefit programs, and more.

Expanded Offerings

Partnering with BenefitMall will allow you to expand your book of business. In addition to payroll processing, you'll now be able to offer Workers' Compensation and 401(k) services to your clients. 

Ensured Compliance

We'll pick up the tax filing and compliance responsibilities while you still act as the point of contact. We'll ensure that your clients are in operating within local and federal labor laws and affordable healthcare regulations. 

ACA Compliance

A simple solution for a complex law. Our software includes coverage analysis to avoid the Pay or Play Penalty, complete employee status breakdown using the Look-Back and Monthly Measurement Method, and all of the reports and data needed to file IRS forms 1094/1095B or 1094/1095C.

Free Tools & Resources

We pledge to support the business objectives of our partners. Throughout the year you'll have access to free Continuing Professional Education (CPE) webcasts, a monthly insights report, white papers, case studies, and a year-end publication covering trends in the payroll industry.


Partnering with BenefitMall will help you expand your firm's offerings, which helps attract new customers, and retain existing ones. You'll increase your profitability, too.