Pay-as-You-Go Payroll Services for Evolving Needs

Our award-winning PayFocus Software helps businesses handle their constantly changing payroll requirements while never paying more than they need to. We make sure: Your staff get paid, your taxes get filed, and you have a DEDICATED EXPERT to support your needs. We worry about these things so you don't have to.


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So What Can You Expect?

After you've completed the short form above, an agent will contact you to find out your specific needs and provide a quote. Upon agreeing to our services, you will be assigned a Dedicated Expert that will guide you through the setup process and answer any of your questions. It's really that simple.

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With our PayFocus Payroll Software your business will have access to these features, and more: 

Expert Support

A knowledgeable, dedicated Payroll Specialist is available to assist you when you need help. You'll receive a response within minutes.

Simple Online Interface

Clean, streamlined and a breeze to navigate, it makes running payroll and reports practically effortless.

Accuracy Guaranteed

Your payroll is on time and correct, taxes paid and compliance issues handled.

Easy Onboarding

Our New Hire Wizard makes quick business of entering demographic, banking, and other data.

Empower Employees

A self-service portal lets employees update personal information, view and download their personal data, paystubs and more.

Import Time Clock Files

Eliminate double entry when you import employee hours directly into our payroll solution.

Actual Workers' Comp

With our pay-as-you-go solution, you'll make actual (not estimated) workers' compensation payments.

ACA Compliance

We'll generate a report that tracks the data you need to remain in compliance with the Affordable Care Act.


Partnering with BenefitMall will save your business time and money.